A trans-shipment whopper which can lift 10 tons of plates.
Maasterminal Maastricht

One of our customers is Maasterminal Maastricht. A distribution center, specialized in the storage and handling of industrial goods.  An important part of this distribution center is ‘Terminal & Handling’: all activities concerning around the loading and unloading of goods. Their goods transport has a multimodal character – various transportation options are integrated – and thus offering many possibilities. Maasterminal Maastricht has its own connection to the rail, road, air and inland waterway transport with a direct location at the Juliana canal.

Our team, specialized in industrial cranes, provides at Maasterminal the maintenance of the so-called coil clamps and plate clamps.


Specific customer question

Some time ago Maasterminal Maastricht asked us whether we could customize an existing plate clamp electrical as well as mechanical, totally adapted to their needs. After studying their program of requirements, we started this challenge. Roel Baade of Maasterminal Maastricht was our expert sparring partner.

We have realized the assignment in a short lead time, in which we have done a lot of work with various specialisms. These include among others engineering, calculating, deployment of certified welders, magnetic particle inspection on welding, testing on 125% and E-engineering and E-work.


Proud of the result

We have realized a plate clamp that can lift as much as 10 tons of plates with a length of 12 meters!  How cool is this? This trans-shipment whopper is unique in this region and the surrounding area. The photo report gives a nice impression of its greatness.


Customer satisfied, we are satisfied

A project like this can only be achieved by close cooperation, not only internally by bringing together all our specialties, but also through an intensive cooperation with the customer. We have shown great technical work on many aspects! Chapeau to the Budé team and Maasterminal Maastricht, in particular Roel Baade.

If you have an almost ‘impossible’ task, do not hesitate to contact us. Our contact person is Roland Uffink. You can reach him via roland.uffink@bude.com.