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Do you need an European partner for your Gasser shaker, aerosol & bag on valve machinery? We are the proud European partner of MBC Aerosol America.

Why MBC Aerosol?

They are an experienced high-quality manufacturer in the aerosol industry. MBC Aerosol is reliable, always on top of the latest design and technology and they have the same high standards as we have. In collaboration with MBC Aerosol we offer a wide array of products (including spare parts) and services for any aerosol and bag on valve machinery.

Budé is your European partner

Budé understands your business and has the knowledge and more than 35 years of experience in designing and building machinery. Our staff in Europe can help you to achieve your manufacturing goals. In collaboration with MBC Aerosol we can deliver new aerosol and bag on valve filling machinery and furnish complete production lines from start to finish.


Together we improve your strong competitive position in Europe!

For more information you can contact Rob Budé for an (online) meeting: (We can help you in English, German and Dutch)

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