An interview with intern Justin Storms

4th year MBO Leeuwenborgh – engineering technician

Intern Justin was as a child already absolutely in love with ‘How it’s made’, a program of Discovery Channel. Therefor the step to the education of mechanical engineering was obvious.  The 20-year-old Justin shines when he talks about his internship for the second time at the technical specialists at Budé. In addition to the two internships he has also worked at Budé during the holiday period. ‘I was allowed to be part of the team that has developed the ‘Gasshaker‘. How cool is that!’


It is all in the family

They are all technical people in family Storms. His father works at the technical department of a food company and Justin’s brother is a specialist in process engineering. Through a friend of his father, a teacher at Leeuwenborgh (MBO Engineering college in South-Limburg), he became acquainted with the possibilities of this education. His school choice was easily made.  He has not ever regretted it. ‘The fourth year is now almost finished, but I’m still not too old to learn. After this year I will follow a so-called transitional course, so I can then follow my education as a mechanical engineer on HBO-level at the Fontys college.’

Why going to the HBO?

To the question why he is making that choice, given his enthusiasm to actually making machines or (moving) machine parts, he answers that he likes this work very much, but he is also interested in the whole process; from design to implementation. A HBO study challenges him to raise the bar again and its possibilities in the labour market.

Justin continues; ‘ the knowledge I now have in the execution will sure come in handy in the first phase of the process, the designing. I hope to combine my knowledge in practice on both counts. Given the size of the company Budé, that would be able there.’


Working at Budé

Working at Budé he thinks is really cool! He would like to show his father, brother and friends what he is doing and what kind of innovative projects are realized within Budé. ‘My friends have no idea what I do and do not know how cool all of this is!’ Justin dares to share his dreams with us; ‘maybe after completing my postgraduate studies and after some years of work experience, I start my own company in engineering. This is a future dream, but a very exciting one’.

“I was allowed to be part of the team that has developed the ‘Gasshaker’. How cool is that!”

Justin Storms