An interview with Kim Breuls-Evers


Back and front office

Kim not only introduces herself enthusiastically, but also her female colleagues. ‘Our company consists not only of driven male professionals, but also the (small group of) ladies of the back and front office do everything to give the best possible support to our technical team and our customers. We are responsible for the administrative processes, we are proactive and service oriented. Please bear in mind that we have daily contact with customers and suppliers. We are good listeners and like to think solution-oriented along with them.’


Back at the family business

There is a long history between Budé and Kim. ‘After completing my MEAO degree, I started as a fresh graduate at Budé in the position of receptionist/secretary. Already more than 20 years ago,’ Kim smiles. “I liked it very much, but at some point I wanted to broaden my look and gain experience in other companies. In good consultation with the managing director we went our separate ways and for a few years I was able to gain that experience in other companies’.  In that time I have learned a lot in different functions, from administration to sales and purchase.’


Blood is thicker than water and in the meantime Kim is back at Budé. ‘My heart is still at this family business. Together we build something beautiful.  We make beautiful things from scratch and all levels in this company contribute to this. That is appreciated and there is no hierarchical structure. I know now that not every company has such a pleasant work atmosphere.’

A deal is a deal

Kim has now been working at Budé for already 10 years as a purchaser.  I am the link between our technical team and the external suppliers and I maintain, also with this last group, good contacts. It’s always a challenge to buy materials at a fair price-quality ratio. We must also be able to rely on the agreed delivery time. I hate it when suppliers do not comply with what we agreed. Thus they disrupt our production process and our contractual obligations to our customers. That is unacceptable and then they see another side of me. I don’t let people walk all over me’ Kim ends very resolutely.


Social with heart and soul

Kim is a social person. She always offers a listening ear and on her desk you will find a well-stocked candy jar. Together with her colleagues Joyce Wehkamp and Rob Budé, she initiates and organizes fun activities for employees and their families a few times a year. ‘In that way you get to meet each other at a different angle and this activities contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere. I think that is a lot of fun.’


That Kim cannot sit still is crystal clear. At home her children Joep and Emma get all the attention, but she is also active in the local orchestra and local civic guard. Kim does not play an instrument herself, but she is dedicated with heart and soul, for example, for the recruitment of new members.


As long as Kim can be active, both private and business wise, she is happy!

“If we can’t make it, no one can.”

Kim Breuls-Evers