An interview with Loek Meesen

manager of the machine factory

Loek Meesen started at Budé in 2010. Full of energy and result-driven he supervises the team of the machine factory. A team of versatile professionals who manage various specialties in the field of new construction, overhaul and maintenance of machines and components.


All professional knowledge in house

These team members work on site or in one of our three workshops. These are specially furnished to all forms of material processing, needed in the metal industry,  such as rotating, turning, milling, construction and sheet metal work. The machines are conventional or computer controlled. Often a technical problem is solved by the use of multiple machines. That choice is entrusted to the specialist in the workshop.


Integral approach

And that is the strength of this team; the integral use of professional knowledge and machines. With their 4 priorities: fast, adequate, flexible and quality this division distinguishes itself from a regular machine factory and they are an extension of a technical service within a company. If the internal technical department of a company cannot fix a problem in their production process because of the lack of human, machine or knowledge, then Budé is most likely the answer.


The fire department is ready

Emergency jobs are now the most natural thing in the world. Therefore, as a joke, this team is called ‘the fire department of Budé’. The team is always ready to extinguish technical fires. A lot is being asked of our employees and of course this is also sometimes too much. It is up to Loek to maintain the balance between result-oriented and people-oriented.

Technical profession

The team of the machine factory covers the question very pragmatic, also to comply with spear points (fast, adequate, flexible and quality). When a machine part is broken, they often do research, make a new design and (re)produce this on the basis of the defective part. Usually better than the old part, because searching for the most durable and qualitative best solution is in their DNA. Value for money must be in balance. That is a responsibility they have to their customers.

You have to be a technical professional to want to work here. No day is the same and schedules can be reversed per hour because of emergency jobs. Dynamic, ad hoc and sometimes complex, that is how you can describe the situation within the machine factory. It is constantly adapting to the demand of the customers. At the same time, it gives a huge kick when the solution is achieved and the customer speaks out loud about his satisfaction.


Great appreciation

The appreciation for the engineers and specialists in the machine factory is great. There is quite a lot what we ask from them. Not only should you be able to operate all machines, you should also be flexible and above all you should be solution-oriented in thinking and acting. With ‘ Yes, but..’ we cannot do anything here.

Recruiting new colleagues is not an easy job. If you ask the current team why they like to work at Budé, they invariably reply with the alternating work and challenging assignments, that they carry out. They are true ambassadors of Budé.

New colleagues or specialists are more than welcome.

“And that is the strength of this team; the integral use of professional knowledge and machines.”

Loek Meesen