An interview with Marcel Budé

founder Budé Group

Marcel, 65 years, trained as an operating technologist and after more than 40 years still active within the technique. Without ‘technical issues’ he cannot live. Being retired isn’t just like him. He has sufficient hobbies and interests, but his passion lies within technical challenges!


From DSM to self-employment

After 30 years as an employee at DSM he chose for self-employment. His entrepreneurial spirit took care of this; seeing opportunities, boldness and challenges. That was what Marcel wanted.  He made a flying start by combining his own company with his job at DSM. It were tough and exhausting years, but in that way he also responded to the wishes of his employer. A so-called hybrid function. Marcel was ahead of its time.

Mutual trust and respect and always delivering the highest quality, were and still are the core values of the company Budé.


It started with the agricultural sector

In 1985 Marcel started his consulting firm for automation, with the focus on the agricultural sector. Through contacts in the agricultural sector, he came into contact with this industry and the huge need of the farmers to automate their business processes. The current logo of Budé dates back to that time and it outlines the fields, the pieces of land of the farmers; the origin of the company Budé.


Helping each other is investing in future

Delivering quality means going 100% for the customer according to Marcel Budé. Also a good aftercare and service belongs to this. Not complaining if there is additional work. Helping each other sometimes means less profit, but he sees it as an investment in the future. Literally doors will open for you. Customer satisfaction in optima forma.

That does not to mean that customers have to walk all over you. ‘Besides guts you should also occasionally ‘be tough’. You stand for your quality and do not go for less. When the potential customer chooses for another company, because of a price which is not realistic, then we let the order pass.’


Challenges, we love them

Budé gets few ‘standard’ questions. Standard work is also not ‘their thing’. Customers of the specialized machine factory search specific solutions for their business. That is why each question is a challenge. Team Budé loves these challenges. These ‘specials’ make sure that their job is interesting every day.

Budé cherishes his staff, mostly pragmatic HBO’-ers. Marcel explained that they always have invested in people. New people are internally trained and supervised in the specialties and comprehensive approach to the projects that are being realized.


Responding to customer needs

If you maintain a good customer relationship, you know what the customer needs, also in the long run.

You have to respond to that. That is what Marcel has always done, by acquisition of technical companies to offer a complete service package till the development of new products.

An entrepreneur with heart and soul.


New generation

In 2014, he handed over the reins to his son Rob Budé. But of course he is still involved in the company, like that often happens in a family business. Being able to let go of the work where your passion lies, is tricky, Marcel frankly admits.

“Mutual trust and respect and always delivering the highest quality are the core values of the company Budé.”

Marcel Budé