An interview with Roland Uffink

project manager, service- and safety coordinator

‘Safety is the most important part of everything we do.’

If you speak to Roland Uffink you should bear in mind that he and his team are working almost daily with giant industrial cranes which can lift and move big and often very heavy products.  Not surprising that safety for man and machine is most important.’ The main thing is safe working with hoisting installations to avoid accidents. It is also important that the production process of a customer will not stagnate due to, for example, poorly maintained machines.’


Man and machine

‘Our workload is high. A lot is asked of us, but fortunately attention for safety is in our DNA. Inattention can have major consequences.’ The inspired Roland speaks with passion about his work.  ‘Working on technique and the wellbeing of people, that’s what I like to do. I am working on customer contacts, project acquisition and delivering great service. I enjoy a big smile and the customers satisfaction. I am very committed to that.’ Roland and his team have recently executed the unique project at Maasterminal Maastricht.


Bentley or a VW-beetle

Roland continues; ‘We supply and repair hoisting installations in the broadest sense of the word and take care of preventive or corrective maintenance. Special is that Budé is a brand independent crane inspector and thereby can give an open and transparent advice. We advise the customer into the purchase of the most efficient and most suitable lifting installation for his business.  Think of it as a car garage. Not every customer needs a Bentley. A VW-beetle may be more than sufficient. Our offer focuses on the question or requirement of the customer. But if he necessarily wants a Bentley, then we deliver it of course’, Roland laughs.

In house

‘In addition, we can create many in house. That is appreciated by our customers. We have engineers and certified welders and top mechanics employed. If an order arrives, first a technical drawing is created, then the construction calculation. After that, the installation is created, composed, preserved and tested in our production facility.  After this, the machine or the part can be installed at the customers site, where it will be inspected.


The customer relies 100% on the quality and safety of our product. We continue to cherish our machines by means of preventive and corrective maintenance and are  24/7 stand-by in case of failures.’



Safety requirements

Roland continues enthusiastically: ‘If we go to our wide variety of customers we prepare ourselves well. Not only do we have to be aware of the current laws and regulations for safety, but also be familiar with the additional safety requirements that are determined by the customers. And those requirements may go very far, everything to ensure safety. This we discuss with our mechanics in advance. No one goes out of our office unprepared. That is also a part of my work.’


Spinning, dogs and whisky

To the question on how he handles the daily tensions in his work, Roland replies that he can easily switch off his thoughts with an hour of spinning or walking with his two dogs in the nature. Or going out for dinner together with his wife Desiree and enjoy and relax. Roland also mentions that he has whisky as a hobby and likes to participate in whisky tastings.  Relaxation is necessary to keep your body and mind in good health. Roland is aware of this. By relaxation you can you handle stress and the demands from work. Even if you love your job as much as Roland does!


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“Safety is the most important part of everything we do.”

Roland Uffink