Burger production installation

This fully automatic burger production installation produces a maximum of 5.000 burgers per hour.

At first the raw materials, bread and meat, are uninhibitedly dumped in tunnels, after which the bread and meat are sorted, oriented and supplied to the main production line fully automatically. Here the bread is sliced into two parts, after which bottom and cover are separated from each other. Then each bottom is supplied with meat and is completed with cheese and sauce in an automatic dosing installation. Finally the cover and the bottom are put back together, after which the complete burger is presented to a horizontal flow packer.

The complete production line is performed in a hygienic design, which makes cleaning easy.

“Because of the long partnership with Budé we interact good together, we can work fast and hardly lose precious production time.”

Rob Coumans, head of technical department Mora Produktie bv

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