Lid applicator

The lid applicator is a unique linear machine for applying lids on round cups. This machine is developed especially for the dairy industry. In this industry there are high standards for hygiene and cleanability. With this machine a new standard has been introduced based on production volumes and lid applying accuracy.

Do you want to know more about the features or customized possibilities of this lid applicator?

The main advantages:
  • Stand-alone linear machine with a small footprint
  • 000 Lids/hour with 8 heads (On request we can modify the machine to meet your special requirements (e.g. higher speeds)
  • Lid storage for 30 minutes of production (depending on the height of the lid)
  • Easy format change (height of the cup)
  • Completely wash down on request
  • Including a reject system
  • Recharging the storage during production is possible without stopping the machine
  • Optional cup support mechanism

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Paul Vos, Eurodesserts NV België