In the last 3 years Budé gained a lot of experience in valve applying and crimping thanks to the mutual development of the monobloc together with Serac. This machine is the basis for our own valve placer crimper that can be used for valve crimping.

Monobloc design for improved productivity

The valve placer / crimper will be delivered on one frame. A distinctive feature of the monobloc design is the positive handling:

  • Positive transfer of cans all along the process using star wheels: the can inlet into the filler is ensured by a servo-driven screw; no more transfer worm between the stations.
  • Positive body holding of the cans for a perfect alignment of the valves, which are placed on a rotary turret in a smooth motion.


The monobloc design also brings additional efficiency benefits such as a secured synchronization, reduced maintenance and more time to perform all the required actions. Changeover time is also reduced, with an easier diameter parts switch and the automatic height adjustment of the complete machine.

The monobloc concept can be
used for all aerosols.


We are your aerosol specialist for crimping and gazing of aerosol cans within the medium speed production rates (80 – 600 cpm). Initially our main focus was the whipped cream industry, but the monobloc concept also creates other opportunities. It can be used for all aerosol markets.