Multidisciplinary cooperation in the delivery of an elevator

If you ask our customers what they think is so important in our collaboration, the common answer is: “You realize everything in-house. Because of this, I only have to deal with one party. That’s valuable and gives us confidence.”

Our colleagues, specialists in the field of mechanics, software engineering, electrical engineering and lifting and hoisting technology are teamplayers. It is precisely because of their different background, experience and knowledge that their input is indispensable for the realization of a successful project. This way, our colleagues are challenged whenever they get a new assignment!


Practice confirms

Recently we have delivered an elevator with a capacity of 1500 kg and a lift height of almost 8 meters. The elevator transports goods from the ground floor to the attic of the building and vice versa. This elevator is a wonderful example of teamwork. The lift is drawn, created and assembled by us and all that with safety guarantees.

Of course, it has to be ‘failsafe’. The safety switches, safety door switches in combination with a PLC for safety functions have been included in the design by our software and electrical team. The electric chain hoist has been delivered, mounted, tested and approved by the specialists of our lifting and hoisting department.

Do you also have an issue regarding lifting or hoisting installations?

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