Revision and maintenance

Our machine factory is specialised in revision and maintenance of machinery. Preventive maintenance and failure management are also part of the daily activities. At emergency operations and calamities we are able to be the best of service.

Fire department

As a joke we sometimes say that our ‘fire department’ in Maastricht is always ready to extinguish your fire!

“Because of the variation in work and the diversity of the machines and installations this work will never get bored.”

Richard Hendriks, planner engineer Budé

Completely equipped workshops

Our machine factory has 3 workshops, furnished to the different specialties in the metal industry such as machine construction, rotating, turning, miling, welding, construction and sheet metal work.

Besides the revision of machinery, we are an expert on the revision of (wear) components and we are able to revise or reconstruct your damaged or broken components.