A versatile seal tester for dairy manufacturers

You will probably know them; the closing ‘aluminium seals’ on, for example, pudding and yoghurt cups. The seal ensures an increased shelf life and a better presentation value of the product. After pulling off the seal, the consumer can eat directly out of the cup. It is very important that the seal is welded properly and of course, there should not be a single hole in it! It has to be airtight.


New concept

To test the seal we have developed a new concept. The video shows how the seals of the pudding cups are tested. If there is no hole in it, the message ‘OK’ appears. When, for instance, we make a mini hole in it with a needle and test the pudding seal again an error message NOK’ (not okay) will appear. We show this with various types of pudding cups.


Integration into your own filling line

In this way, the dairy manufacturer has more certainty about the quality of the seal process and the seal itself. We can integrate this seal tester into your existing filling line. This is also the case in ‘the lid appicator’ our existing line.


Would you like to have more information about this seal tester? Contact Rob Budé at rob.bude@bude.com or call 043 – 363 57 00.