Smaller cans. Major CO2 reduction!

Investing in environment is not only good for the environment itself, but businesswise also for your profit.

As a whipped cream machine specialist we see a lot of different products passing by. What I noticed is that there’s a lot of free bottle space available in a can. Reducing this free bottle space creates major savings in transportation and propellant usage(s). As a result you can save 38% in trucking costs and 40% in the use of propellant.

Why? It’s in many ways good for your business. It’s environmentally friendly, you can achieve major savings and you gain more profit in a good way. Let’s contribute to a more sustainable world for our (grand)children and future generations.

I set myself as a personal goal that I want to shift can sizes within the US market to a smaller can diameter. Who joins me in making this happen?

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • propellant reduction
  • less handling costs
  • less material needed
  • less storage space
  • less trucks on the road

Rob Budé: “You can save up to 38 trucks per 100 trucks and 40% propellant a year by reducing the can diameter.”

Let me know if you are interested in what can size reduction means for your business.