Test your product in our own Gasshaker laboratory unit

The Gasshaker is one of our most famous machines. Within the European whipped cream industry we are now market leader. This Gasser shaker machine is meant to supply containers, filled with a product, with propellant. To get enough propellant in a container during the filling process, the containers need to be shaken while filling. As a result of which the propellant forms a compound with the product.



In our production hall in Maastricht stands a laboratory unit developed by us. This test unit is available for our customers who are interested in the Gasshaker. This way, companies get a thorough insight into the process parameters of the Gasshaker before purchasing a Gasshaker production line.


Process simulation

The test unit consists of a single shake unit, which is identical to the applied shake units on the Gasshaker. Companies can test the shake unit with their own product.


Security before the purchase

With this shake unit it is possible to fill your aerosol can with gas and then shake it. During the process simulation, the shake time and shake frequency are important process parameters. This gives you a better understanding of the desired process information for the final situation.

That gives confidence and reliability!