The gas pressure tester is a new development, based on an existing system integrated in our Gasshaker for many years now. With this test device we can offer a high accurate system with high repeatability.

Integrated vs stand-alone

The integrated gas pressure tester in our Gasshaker has a clear advantage because a relationship between a rejected can and its associated gas head can be established. Since the integrated gas pressure tester has proven itself to be a stable and trouble-free system, there is an increasing demand for a stand-alone version.

Diameter friendly

One of our core values when designing a machine is operator friendly and therefore with easy format changes. We did not want to design a machine with a complex format change, but with a changeover time of less than 5 minutes. All parts can be stored on the pressure tester and are within arm’s reach.

Monitor and adjust

The inline multi format gas pressure tester enables a manufacturer to continuously monitor its gassing process by checking whether there is sufficient pressure, thus gas, in the can without using the valve. Switching between different can diameters can easily be done by exchanging a limited number of antistatic format parts and selecting a different recipe. The tester works for both metal and aluminum cans. Rejected cans are eliminated through an integrated reject system.


Curious? For questions or additional information, please contact

Maurice Wijnand

Manager Industrial Automation

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